Rides & Trails In The Area

Flat, rides are all documented in detail at the property

  1. A loop around the quiet roads of the village – 3 miles

  2. A longer loop to Breighton, on the rail trail, across the main road to Willitoft and back to Wressle – 8 miles

  3. A long loop from Wressle to Willitoft, turning to Spaldington, through Brind, back to Wressle – 10 miles

  4. Wressle to Brind, down Feather Bed Lane, across the main road (A614) and down a bridle path to Eastrington (which includes a good pub) and back the same way – 15 miles

  5. The Rail Train extends to Market Weighton, Fiona The Fiat and I can be available to transport you to the distance for you to make the way back.

Rides & Trails A Drive Away

  1. Kiplingcots Racecourse – 30 min (many routes)

  2. Millington Pastures – 30 min (many routes)

  3. Givendale Round – 40 min (many routes)

  4. Thixendale Round – 40 min (many routes)

  5. Beach Rides – Fraisthrope – 1 hour